As one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, London conquered not only the hearts of its inhabitants but also anyone who travels once in the city. The British capital is the dream of every musician, fashion or football lunatic, world citizen, or just a person with style. There are countless novels, movies, and songs about the city on the Thames.

Like no other European city, it combines tradition and modernity and attracts millions of tourists. London is the British center for culture, museums, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Modern buildings such as the London Eye or "The Gherkin" oppose historical landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and St Paul's Cathedral. Buckingham Palace is not only a popular motive on postcards and tourist photos, but also the residence of the British monarch. Experience the flair of England's multicultural capital and take a trip to London and don’t miss out on comparing London ticket & tour prices with TicketLens

What To Do in London – An Off-the-path Travel Guide