London has much more to offer than Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Those are just some of the beautiful sights this amazing city has to offer. The list of things to explore seems to be endless...

The question is: what do Londoner in their spare time? The capital of England and the United Kingdom has so many interesting and unique places that you discover something new every time you visit this city. Our team has put together the some hidden gems of London you should definitely see.

  • Sir John Soane's Museum & Hunterian Museum

Lincoln's Inn Fields is the largest public park in London and is supposed to be the inspiration for Central Park in New York. Two museums are located on both sides of the park; Sir John Soane's Museum and the Hunterian Museum. Sir John Soane was an architect and a passionate collector of antiques. When he left his home, the antiques were taken over by the municipality. Now they can be admired in the museum of the same name.

Our Tip: The bags must be placed at the entrance and sometimes it can lead to a queue since space is limited.

Just on the opposite – the other side of the park – you can find the Hunterian Museum which presents preserved human remains and is maybe not a suitable destination for a family with young children.

Our Tip: If you are a fan of Charles Dickens we should mention that the Old Curiosity Shop is located very close to the museum..


  • The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

This quirky museum in Notting Hill offers visitors a unique journey into the past. Robert Opie collected since the age of 16 consumer objects of different brands, which are all on display in the museum. A total of the 12,000 original items from shampoo bottles and detergent boxes to toys and food packaging from ancient times can be admired behind glass cabinets.

Our Tip: The visit to the Museum of Brands can be round up best with a lunch in the nearby Al Waha restaurant.


  • Leinster Garden' fake house fronts

The Metropolitan Railway tunnel route between Paddington and Gloucester Road was opened in the year 1868. To blow off steam an open draw section was needed. Therefore, the building 23-24 Leinster Gardens was demolished so that the tunnel could obtain a 40-meter-long opening between the stations Paddington and Bayswater. To avoid a gap in the closed row of this upscale residential neighborhood a five feet thick facade was pulled up, which looks like those of the actual houses


  • Little Venice

A boat trip in London? – Yep, that's possible because there is a living area in London called 'Little Venice'. The logical consequence:  A lot of channels! The Underground station Warwick Avenue is your starting point. Do not waste your time waiting in queues for a ticket at the London Eye and take a cruise instead. On the banks of the channel, you can spend hours walking and watch boats.

Our Tip: There is a nice pub that serves a well-kept lunch.


  • Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park

Although London has many great parks and open spaces, this little Japanese secret in located in the heart of West London  - a stone's throw from the shops and restaurants of Kensington High Street and the Westfield Mall. Instead of throwing a blanket or kicking a ball through the area this park is ideal for a quiet walk on the side of a good friend. Also, some meditation at the idyllic fishpond is conceivable.

Our Tip: During spring bloom, the stunning cherry trees unfold a very special beauty of the garden.


  • Horniman Museum

This marvelous spot is a truly hidden gem amongst London museums. Located outside the center – but only a short train ride from London Bridge – you will find the family most loved Horniman Museum and Gardens. The museum was founded by tea merchant Frederick Horniman, who collected the majority of the artifacts during his travels. It is a brilliant cultural history museum that offers an aquarium, a farm, and regular concerts under a gazebo.

Our Tip: The museum is located on a hill and offers a stunning view over the city. Perfect opportunity for a few nice snapshots.