Whoop, Whoop, New Maps!

Whoop, Whoop, What? 


New Maps? Huh? – Yes, you got it right! CityMaps2Go has NEW maps we completely rebuild them from the ground up. Maybe you wonder now what does this mean exactly and if there are any specific changes for you?  

Let me start at the beginning and let me explain why this is awesome… Basically this means, CityMaps2Go has now offline and online map coverage. So, now when you're online, you'll never be without a map anymore and you have access to any place anywhere on earth. Feeling like exploring the world in search for cool places to visit? Planning your next three trips at a time? Want to zoom out and see all your saves on earth? Now you can do all that without the hassle of downloading maps. Isn't this pretty cool?

The next time when you're heading to your next trip, just download your needed city, region or country as you did before and our maps work offline as always.

PLEASE NOTE: As we did now a complete rescale of our maps, it’s necessary to redownload your previous downloaded maps… and no worries, your saves and your lists are of course not lost!




USER NEED: I would like to download larger maps, even whole countries for offline usage! 

WE SAY: Here you go! We now have much larger. You can now download whole states or countries with one download. What about a road trip along the dramatic California coast. 🚐


USER NEED: I would like to zoom out above a certain point! 

WE SAY: Rise the curtain – You can zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in – You can now zoom around to any country you would like to. Let's see where you will end up. Maybe your next vacation dream ... 🌴


USER NEED: I don't know quite often how specific regions are called when I'm traveling. How should I know for what to search for? 

WE SAY: You'll never have this problem again. Just zoom to the desired location on the map and with an easy tap on the download button in the top right corner you can now download the right map. If you want to know your current map location, simply locate yourself using GPS.📍


USER NEED: I don't want to download maps to prepare my trips or to just get inspired by places worldwide.

WE SAY: We understood. When you're online you can do all that just as you like. 🌎


USER NEED: I would like to see all my saved places on a world map!

WE SAY: No problem anymore – just zoom out and be proud off all your saves around the world. Why not sharing a cool screenshot with us on Instagram using our hashtag #cmtgmoments? ⭐ 




Zoom to any place you would like to. 



This new download button has multiple functions: 

1. Gives you access to all your other downloaded maps

2. Proposes you matching maps for download according to your map section.


This little tick mark on your download button means that this map section is already downloaded.


So, let us sum up why this is so awesome!

Without the need to download one single map the whole world is at your feet. As of now you can use CityMaps2Go not just offline, but online. Just imagine how cool saving places will be when strolling around at home, saving your favorite coffee shops in town. Or quickly save the places your best friend brought home from his previous world travels you would like to check out some time. 

From now on you will be perfectly equipped for your next trips, whether online or offline! 


Not updated yet? 


Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or just let us know what you think. 

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