Ulmon Travel Tips: Dollar Flight Club

Here at Ulmon, we’re all about traveling, whatever your budget! We’re already helping you to save money on tickets and tours via TicketLens, but what’s the use of a cheap ticket to see the sights if you can’t afford to leave your hometown?

We’ve recently discovered Dollar Flight Club, an awesome service which uses technology, historical data, and a team of expert flight finders to find the best flight deals leaving your local airport. All you have to do is sign up, let them know where you’re flying from, and you’ll receive notifications via app or email  whenever there’s a deal that saves you between 50% and 90% of the regular cost of a plane ticket.

For example, this week alone they’ve discovered incredible deals for round-trip flights from US airports to London for $275, to Hong Kong for $347, and to New Zealand for $395.

You can try their one-week Premium Trial for free to see the kind of deals available in your area, then you can either pay $9 monthly or a reduced rate of $40 annually for Premium access. With the average user saving over $500 per flight booked, you only need to find one great deal per year to save over 10x the cost of Premium membership!

Premium members also get access to 4x as many deals as free members, including “mistake fares” and secret deals, plus you’ll be able to filter by your chosen departure airports, get your email or app alerts before free members, and have access to premium partner perks, totally ad-free.

We love Dollar Flight Club because they share our view that everyone should be able to book their dream trips for a price they can afford. They also do the hard work of digging through deals from all possible providers so that you don’t have to.

Why not try Dollar Flight Club today by clicking here and signing up for a free trial. Happy travels!