Introducing SafetyWing!

We’re a company of travel-nuts (and we know our users are too), so we thought we’d introduce you to an easy solution for an annoying problem frequent travelers face: insurance!


Designed with a new generation of digital nomads in mind, SafetyWing is fantastic value for people who spend a lot of their time overseas - either living the dream work/travel lifestyle or taking the trip of a lifetime. From only $37 for 4 weeks you can have peace of mind while seeing the world, and (unlike other policies for travelers) there’s no limit on how often you can extend your policy.

SafetyWing offers a combination of health and travel insurance, so you’re not just covered if you fall and break a leg, but also if your flights are delayed or your checked bags go missing.


You even get coverage for unforseen medical conditions if you go home for a visit - for every 90 days of your policy spent overseas US residents are covered for 15 days at home and residents of other countries are covered for 30 days.

You can choose your policy start-date, and if you’ve been putting off buying insurance then have no fear - you can sign up after you’ve left home and have arrived at your next stop.

SafetyWing’s policies are administered by Tokio Marine, one of the world’s largest insurance companies (they’re celebrating 140 years in business this year), and you’ll also have access to their support line, open 24/7.  

There are a couple of caveats to be mentioned (as with all insurance policies): coverage in the US costs more while you’re there, some conditions and activities aren’t covered, there’s a $250 deductible for medical claims, and SafetyWing’s policies don’t cover those aged 70 and over. But for any digital nomads or globetrotters out there who are looking for a simple solution, why not check out SafetyWing for yourselves?

You can learn more about SafetyWing at, and check out their FAQ here.