New: User Accounts in CityMaps2Go 6.0 for Android

User Accounts in CityMaps2Go 6.0 for Android

We are happy to introduce user accounts in CityMaps2Go for Android.

Sign-up or Log-In with your existing user account and:

  • Backup all your lists and saves and never lose them again.

  • Sync your lists and saves between all your devices (including your iOS devices)

  • Use our Chrome Extension to save directly from Chrome on your PC or Mac.

How to sign-up in CityMaps2Go for Android:

Step 1: Open the drawer and find the login in the header. 


Step 2: Sign-Up with Facebook or create an Ulmon account by using your e-mail address.


Step 3: Your saves are now backed-up and sync to all your devices.



How to sign in with CityMaps2Go for Android:

Follow Step 1 of our sign-up tutorial above and choose between logging in with your Facebook account or your email address.



Do you have questions? Contact our support at

Happy travels,
the CityMaps2Go - Ulmon team