Your Smartest Travel Collection - The List!

+++ NEWS +++ It is still possible to choose the color for your saved places. See EDIT (cog icon) on the list detail screen for changing. All saved places on your map now also have the same color as the list. +++ NEWS +++




Like it? List it!

We designed the most personal and probably smartest travel collection to help you get places saved and organized - the list! This post is all about our new powertool. Why? Because we are really proud of it and we are sure that you‘ll like it too.

Only few words are neccessary to explain why it is so wonderful to have a tool like that on your trips, but let’s have a quick look at some functionalities.

Imagine you’re planning a city trip to Paris and and you are thinking of all the spots you would like to visit. The Eiffel Tower of course - but also some places less obvious. Our new list tool won’t let you forget any of them.

Save places

With the simple tap of the star button you can save places right from the map, out of a place detail screen or a story we sent you in the “Discover” recommendation feed. Save them to lists without a hitch. It really couldn’t be easier.

Quickly add notes

We knew from your feedback that you wanted an easy and intuitive way to add personal information to your saved places. Well, here it is: the new add-a-note feature.

Let’s say a friend of yours told you about a spot with a great view of the Eiffel Tower – bit of an insider tip, actually. Now you can simply save it in CityMaps2Go. Automatically connected to your lists and places on your device.

Move or Delete Places

Easily move or delete the places you once added to your lists by selecting multiple ones. Ever noticed "Select" at the right corner of your screen? There you go! To move or delete only one place just swipe to the left.

Color your Places

Would you like your lists to be in your favorite color? Or choose different colors for different lists? Just access „Settings“ inside a list and choose away. More good news: all saved places on your map now also have the same color as the list.

Name your lists

Create your own collection of places and use them in any way you need them! Need a list for your summer holiday? Go for it! Planned a stag night in Bangkok - let your imagination run wild and plan for anything!

LONG STORY SHORT: The list feature is the easiest way to organize your holidays and trips abroad. No matter if it’s a sunny timeout in Spain, a hiking adventure in the mountains, a city trip on the weekend or a business conference in London – they’re all organized in a flash. So be smart and get listed!

P.S. Any questions? Just send an e-mail to!

PPS: For our longtime users: We know this was a big change and you might be  wondering what happened to all the saved places you were working so hard to put together. No worries - we did take care of them! They got sorted into lists automatically before updating the app. Even the colors you selected are still there.