Say Hello to the brand new CityMaps2Go 8.0

+++ NEWS +++ It is still possible to choose the color for your saved places. See EDIT (cog icon) on the list detail screen for changing. All saved places on your map now also have the same color as the list. +++ NEWS +++




Say Hello to the brand new CityMaps2Go 8.0

We’ve taken a huge step forward to deliver you an even easier way to organize your travels, discover inspiring places and some handy new features. All packed in a delightful new look. A lot has changed – so we’ll gladly talk you through it. 

Let‘s start with our new powertool - the list! I know, I know ... „lists“ sound awfully  boring. Well, rest assured this one is not!

It’s not just a list - it’s the way how you organize your travels. Imagine having your favorite restaurants or other places you like connected to a map with you when you’re traveling abroad. That’s what we wanted and that’s what we did. Easily create your own personal best of collections of places you would like to visit. Collect them directly from the offline map, from a place detail screen or from our inspirational travel stories. Ever wanted to have lists handy about your favorite restaurants in town? Or even the best cheap eats in your next travel destination? Now you can! But it’s not just saving points of interest - it’s adding your personal value to them with our new add-a-note feature. That way you’ll never forget one tiny piece of information which made the place you’ve visited so unique and unforgettable.

I just remember my last trip abroad. I planned visiting a tiny museum (which seemed to be a really unknown one since they had no website) – but when I arrived there I noticed that it was closed. Bad luck! Instead of fishing out pen and paper to write down their opening hours it would have been nicer to keep that information right in CityMaps2Go where I actually need it and maybe other travelers could profit by it too.

Let’s move on to the improvements in the user interaction of CityMaps2Go. Admittedly we had some minor detours in one way or the other. Now it’s much easier to save points of interests directly from the map and thanks to our UX and design-team our appearance is way more modern and friendly now. Some refinements also make it easier and more pleasant to scroll through the top places of a destination. Last but not least the content of the search from a map is better displayed. Browsing by categories like restaurants, architecture, hotels, shops and bars is now even more fun than before – all the information you need at a single glance.

So much for a quick rundown of all the improvements we made. Now we’re really excited how you like the almost all new CityMaps2Go. Of course we’re always happy about feedback to get even better in the future. It would be awesome if you dropped us a line about your first impressions. 

Let´s keep going!