Start saving places directly from your Safari browser to TravelPacker. 

All you need to do: Enable a share-button in the browser on your phone. Just follow through this simple four steps to super-quickly enable this great new TravelPacker Share-button.


1. Tap the Safari Share-button to open the share options of your browser

Share Button.png

2. In the share options swipe the app icons in the top row, and tap on More

More Button.png

3. Enable TravelPacker, and then tap Done

4. Well done! The Share-button is now enabled. 

Now you can save any places from websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp,, and many more. Just open the share options of your browser and tap on the TravelPacker app-icon.

Why this feature is so great! All saved places will be saved straight into your TravelPacker app and will of course automatically be positioned on your maps.

Happy Saving!