BOOM! New Maps.

What's coming soon in CityMaps2Go?  Unlimited #zoom  Worldwide #onlinemap  #largerregions available for download! Find out …


unlimited #zoom

 a worldwide #onlinemap

 #largerregions available for download




In the coming update from CityMaps2Go, our maps will be significantly improved. However, as a result of this change, it will be necessary to re-download your present maps for offline use.

To ensure that you don't get stuck without any offline maps, we recommend that you only update to our latest version when you've returned from your trip or are safely connected in your hotel room. Happy Travels!

p.s. No worries, your saves and your lists will still be there!


So, look out for the next update and please reach out to us if you have any further questions.

You can contact our support here.