Ulmon Mobile City Guides

  • Top Cities - Paris, London, New York, Rome and several more
  • Offline Maps - no data roaming
  • Indepth guide - read content, see images
  • Millions of POI - find restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.
  • Local Tips - share and receive recommendations
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Local Tips

  • Receive insider tips from local experts and other users
  • Follow experts and users like on Twitter
  • View Ratings in a list and on the map
  • Write and share your discoveries and local tips
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Detailed Maps

  • Perfect for orientation
  • See your own location*
  • High zoom-in: see all the details around you
  • High zoom-out: get a quick overview
  • Only 20MB: saves device memory
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Guide Content and POI

  • Full guide articles: detailed information and images
  • Millions of POI: find restaurants, shops, attractions, etc.
  • Nearby-search: discover places around you
  • Categories: browse for sights and places by topic
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Subway Maps

  • Find nearby stations
  • Find stations close to a destination
  • Browse the whole network
  • Find stations on the map
  • Available for these top cities:
    • New York,
    • London,
    • Rome,
    • Paris
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